Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Organic Body Lotion

Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion with CoQ10 is my top pick for super hydration! It combats flakiness and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Acure Organics uses a potent mixture of pure and natural ingredients that not only gives your skin extra hydration, but also a burst of nutrition!

Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion Review

I started using Acure to combat my dry, flaky winter skin and have been using it ever since!  All of the other lotions that I tried were watery and thin, and seemed to evaporate as soon as I put them on my body!Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Organic Body Lotion

That didn’t happen with Acure, I could tell that my skin was soaking up the benefits of this awesome body lotion right away! It’s made with olive oil, cocoa butter, evening primrose and CoQ10 that leaves your skin super soft, while feeding and restoring your skin’s cells.

The result is,  it will leave you feeling amazing!

Unlike some body lotions that are deeply moisturizing, this one does not leave any greasy residue, and soaks into your skin from the moment you put it on! It was truly a lifesaver for my dry (and itchy) skin!

It’s the perfect lotion to use every day to keep your skin feeling fresh!

Application: Apply to skin as needed.