Harry Rosen Clothing For Men

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Harry Rosen is my favorite men’s clothing shop. Their shoes are also my favorite. Because their shoes fit well, look great, and the customer service is outstanding, I am a regular buyer.

Harry Rosen is a Canadian men’s store that you should visit if you are looking to get dressed. Here are some key facts.

1. Harry Rosen Didn’t Found Harry Rosen

Although the company name was named after H. Rosen, it was actually created by Harry Rosen and Lou Rosen. Each of them had an equal role in the creation of the company. The company was founded as a joint venture by the two of them at 16 years old. You can’t go wrong with dedication and working towards a goal.

2. Harry Rosen was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1954

Harry and Lou Rosen were raised in Cabbagetown, a neighbourhood in central Toronto. This area of the city was named after the Irish immigrants who settled in it in the middle of the 19th century. According to some reports, those who lived in Cabbagetown were so poor they grew cabbage every chance they got. They even tended to grow cabbage right in their own backyard. Despite the history of poverty, Cabbagetown has become a place where there is a lot more culture, encouraging people from all walks of the globe to take part in the district’s landscape.

The brothers decided to open their own clothing shop and opened the first H. Rosen store.

3. The Budget Was A Key Factor in the Iconic “Ask Harry”

Stann Burkhoff, Reid Bell and others created the “Ask Harry” campaign. It was published in magazines in 1960s. It was created in response to the lack of personal communication between advertisers and their audiences. The campaign allowed people to ask any questions they had about fashion, Harry’s suits or other menswear-related topics.

The advertising campaign became a huge success and inspired Toronto to include the phrase “Ask Harry” in its cultural vocabulary.

However, “Ask Harry” was not a budget-friendly campaign. Burkhoff and Bell, for example, only needed two suits each before they began the project. Each was paid one cent for each ad, a small amount at the time. This was because they had creative control over the ads which directly contributed to the campaign’s cultural impact.

4. Harry Rosen Holds A Large Percentage Of The Canadian Market

H. Rosen’s influence can still be felt today in Canada, and worldwide. The reason is that H. Rosen still controls a large portion of Canada’s menswear market, surpassing any other Canadian-based independent retailer selling similar products.

5. National Retail Chain

H. Rosen took just 20 years to expand their reach outside of Toronto. However, since opening a West Edmonton Mall store in 1981, H. Rosen opened stores all across Canada including in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.

6. Harry Magazine Offers A Contemporary View On Masculinity

A magazine called “Harry”, published under the company’s own brand, was launched in 1997. The magazine was originally intended to offer advice and guidance on luxury and exclusive menswear but has evolved to reflect the modern masculinity. In 2018, the magazine continues to be a strong force, taking cues form culture to change its focus and continue to offer resources to all men who want to connect with their inner selves. This magazine stands out from other magazines in its class because it focuses on personal connections. This has helped keep the magazine at the forefront of its field for 20 years.

7. It Took Until 1981 For The Store To Take Off

As we mentioned, 1981 was the year H. Rosen expanded its business beyond Toronto. 1981 was also the year H. Rosen’s international expansion began, as it was the year the business took off. H. Rosen signed deals with European brands and designers to distribute their products abroad. This helped to bring H. Rosen into a new era.

8. An Intimate Shopping Experience

H. Rosen’s business is known for its commitment to building long-lasting relationships. This is a more personal approach to business than the usual transactional approach in consumer settings. H. Rosen reaches directly out to clients to encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts on the company’s future. This could be referred to as the legacy of “Ask Harry”, which created an environment where customers can voice their concerns and ask questions.

9. Harry Rosen Is Meant To Be A Universal Language

Harry Rosen’s commitment to customer service is one of the main factors that has shaped their company culture. They also know the importance of their business models and clothing in the global marketplace. Therefore, they have agents who can communicate with customers in more than 10 languages.

10. Reinvention Isn’t Their Strong Suit, But Tradition Is

H. Rosen’s biggest challenge in the last two decades was reinventing itself to appeal to a younger audience. Although their products are geared toward older, more established customers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to only appeal to this audience. The company tried several times to rebrand, but with limited success.

Their innovation strategies have a problem. The younger audience is often confused and doesn’t like the rebranding. However, the older audience feels alienated from what the company used to be. This could be seen as a negative effect of having an open and transparent company-consumer relationship due to the fact that customers can dictate what the company looks like, but it is something they are working on.

11. Harry Rosen Is A Part Of Canadian Culture

H. Rosen has been recognized for its contribution to Canadian culture. In 2013, H. Rosen was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Culturals. This was due to H. Rosen’s 7-year streak in Canada of being among the Top 50 for Canada’s Best Managed Private Companies. It signals that H. Rosen has a reputation as a cultural icon and a high level of quality in Canadian fashion.

12. Harry Rosen Sells Great Shoes

Although you might not consider it a shoe shop, they do have a good selection of casual and formal shoes for men.