How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

With the red carpets getting bombarded with innovative hair styles and colors, the ones sitting in their drawing room to get hit with inspiration to go ahead and try that new hairdo that would make you the cynosure of ‘hair art’!! But first you really have to understand the tones of colors that you are about to delve in. While you can change your hair color, you can’t really have the same with your skin and so it goes without saying that the skin tone is of prime significance before you splurge in to the hair colors.

If you are not that experiment loving person and want to stay clear of something drastic then it’s better to stick with colors that compliment your skin tone. We can segregate the skin tones into two major categories, the warmer skin tones and the cool skin tones.  If you tan easily and have a yellowish hue to your skin, you are in the first group and if you are on the paler side with a rosy hue then you are on the later group. Colors with red or golden undertones work best with warmer skin tones while the same should better be avoided by the later group as it clashes with their natural coloring and can give you a look that might not be easy to pull off.

Blessed are those with olive skin tones, they can pull off any color be it blond or even a neon pink!! But if you think that you would not go all the way and do up some fun stuff that freshens your look and also lets you retain your natural hair color, then you can try the following trends that are rounding the circuit recently –

  • Dip – dye hair color is where you color the end of your hair while the rest of your hair is left in its natural color.
  • Brown – blonde or Bronde can arguably be called a red carpet favorite
  • Bright hues can make you feel a lot closer to the likes of Rihanna and is sure is trending these days