Top 5 makeup primers

Primers are those new age magic potions that we all need to get that extra sheen on our face, before doing up our makeup. Since it works as the base of the makeup, it’s very essential that you pick the right primer because it can either make or break your look. The first important thing is to assess the right skin type so that the primer that you buy can be compatible with your skin. There are many good brands that have primers according to the different skin types like dry, normal, and oily. Some even offer good products for combination skin which you can opt for, in case you are not too sure about your skin type and don’t want to take that risk. The best primers that you can almost vouch for are,

  • Smashbox photo finish foundation primer
  • Laura Mercier foundation primer
  • MAC prep+prime skin
  • Revlon smoothing beyond natural Primer
  • Rimmel fix and perfect foundation Primer

A good primer helps ease your skin for the application of foundation, also spreading it properly on your skin taking care of those fine lines and also covers those stubborn blemishes, it evens out your skin tone, moisturizes it, does not let your skin absorb the foundation and helps prevent your makeup from getting ‘caked up’ after a while, specially during the summer. Primers generally contain vitamins and anti-oxidants that results in that smooth effect on your skin and helps your makeup last for longer duration. It neutralizes your skin in a way that results in giving your skin a satin like texture. If your skin is dry and flaky then the makeup tends to get blotched in that area, also there is the horror of that shiny oily skin that simply kills your makeup. Primer takes care of all these problems and leaves your skin looking younger. If you are yet to use a primer you can start with a light one rather than heavier ones which work as both a primer and a foundation. Try one soon and feel the difference, after all compliments do make you feel good like nothing else.